How Blockchain will impact SEO?

Everyone wants to know about the emerging powerhouse-blockchain. How did it evolve? What possibilities does it bring to internet marketing? What are the major bitcoin protocols? And most of all what is a blockchain? We understand you need all questions answered- and that’s what we have done here.

Considering the privacy and security of data broadcasting in SEO Melbourne, blockchain is an impressive technology.
First of all- Blockchain is not bitcoin. But we do know why people might think it is. When the block chain technology or concept was first incepted back in 2009, it was because of bitcoin.
Now the technology is used for a variety of things from finance, medicine, governmental data and records and so on. The appeal of blockchain technology as you will find out later is its incredible security capabilities.
Essentially, it’s a validated and decentralised database which stores track of value exchange.
For example, when person X needs an information or service from person Y and then …

SEO- The marketing method that you should start now!

Everyone wants their business to be on the first page of the search engine results, and if you dream big, one day you might rank first.
But wait… What about the businesses that are already there? How did they do it and not you?
As a digital marketing company providing SEO services in Melbourne, Webplanners has help many small to large businesses rise and end up in a high rank. Its not magic… it is called SEO which is what we consider to be the best and the most cost-effective medium to earn organic traffic and reputation at the same time.
Are you looking to drive appreciable amount of traffic to your business? Or are you a blogger and have 0 views? 
We understand that you are finding it hard to get to the top. We also know maybe you’ve heard of SEO but never really cared to do try because it seems technical and requires a lot of time.
A mantra to keep in mind when working with SEO is it’s a slow burning method. Meaning, if you were to start work on SEO now, in the long term, you will event…

Content Marketing Strategies That Will Definitely Work | Webplanners

When the world is turning online and every products and services have something to say, your business has to beef up the content game. Viewers, on the receiving end, come on a particular website only to read something unique and buy something they want. Are you planning for that powerful content marketing campaign which keeps your audience connected? As a versatile SEO company in Melbourne, we have seen the restlessness of different business owners to bring up their marketing level the fastest. Thus, here we have compiled the effective feeds for successful content marketing: - Start with a goal that your business is focusing on.You must be having questions what your audience wants, can they convert to paying customers or do they even know about you. This can help you set up fundamentals for writing content.Learn your strengths and work on it.Focus the content on your target group so that it reaches them and gives them a reason to come back to you.Make your content SEO proof. Let the con…

How blogging acts as catalyst of organic ranking?

As an SEO company in Melbourne, we are often asked if blogging is important to drag traffic on the website. Does my blog have to be hosted on my website? Does blogging improves SEO? Here we have mustered the resources to answer your doubts and clarify the status of blogging in organic ranking.
Blogging is a great platform to unlock your business’s true potential, share expert knowledge and enjoy organic search benefits.
For few, it’s the source of their millions of visitors while others still consider it as a myth.
Mostly, small and medium sized businesses often get late in this thought process of whether one should concentrate on blogging or pay attention to the working of website. The lack of resource and time keeps them away from creating a meaningful and high-quality content.
But, one must know that blogging needs attention because it’s way too important than you imagine.
How can we say that?
In short and snap, we can tell you that companies that uploads 16+ blogs in a month are en…

7 SEO Strategies to Rank Higher - Updated 2018

I know it’s a pain not to receive any visitors on your 300-500 words written blog. It can be because your blog content is a plain text with no customer’s engagement or the interlinking hurts your ranking. Understanding these is SEO.
You customer wants the answer in split seconds and Google looks after that.
They don’t have the whole day with your site to read and read and read! Instantly influence the visitors with reviews, clear their problems with 2-line comments and attract them with significant videos. These are just few pieces of SEO.
In this blog we will learn on the updated and complete SEO guideline to rule the market. 
How to rank in 2018?
Did you know Google considers over 200 factors to rank you? You would now be looking for all of them.
But the smart SEO company in Melbourne don’t do such lengthy process. They have simple and extensive strategies for these factors that help to grow and rank your business in 2018.
Here we list down the updated SEO checklist that can guide you thro…

How Internet Marketing Helps Your Business Grow Online?

Internet marketing has become a key marketing strategy for online promotion and success of any type and size of business. It has been generously popularised by now all across the globe due to its unbelievable marketing potential. The method of Internet marketing offers your local business a global platform; it additionally offers huge exposure to your business on the most extensively used platform at very reasonable rates. Being one of the leading SEO company in Melbourne Australia, Market Strategy and Webplanners offers the highest quality SEO expert services to every client and SEO Internet marketing is an important part of it. Rather than only search engine optimisation, we also specialise in SEO Internet marketing. Since it is a proven solution to all your small business marketing issues, we focus on getting most of your business through marketing it online. If you consider Internet marketing Australia, we are one of the leading SEOs to improve your business’s visibility on search…

What Is Link Building All about?

Link building is the process of building content relevant quality links to your business site, both internally and externally so as to help your site gain higher rankings on search engines and drive more customer traffic to generate greater leads. Link building is one of the best and most commonly used SEOstrategies to market business Websites.
A few attributes are must to be considered while you try to get links from a certain Web page for your site. There are certain factors that matter in backlinking, and every SEO must be aware of these factors:
vPage rank - Higher the page rank, better is the result!
vContent relevance - The content on the page from which you are trying to get the link must be relevant in order to get the maximum value to your link
vOverall quality of the content - Greater the number of quality backlinks, higher is the page rank on search engines! Usefulness of the content, the time that readers spend on your site for reading, and is the content able to engage peopl…