What does it take to make your Magento store rank well?

The support for Magento 1 has ended in June 2020, and if you are still running on the old version, it is high time you migrate to Magento 2 . Connect with Webplanners,the expert Magento web developers in Melbourne, for highly professional & hassle-free Magento 2 migration services. Our Magento eCommerce SEO services yields result for your business. Magento 2 is a robust eCommerce platform, but if you are running on its default settings, it will not be as fruitful as it can be after optimisation. To rank your Magento store well in the organic search listings, you need to optimise it. Optimising will make sure that search engines can quickly and efficiently find relevant content on your website and will rank higher for related and targeted keywords. There are many options available to website owners when it comes to Magento SEO optimisation. The good part is, there are many options available in the Magento 2 Panel that can be tweaked to achieve desired results. And, for those

Magento SEO Tips for Better Search Engine Rankings !!

  Magento is a feature-rich platform for your eCommerce store because of the various features and critical benefits that it offers. Magento is packed with resources to ensure that you rank high in the search ranking. If you follow and implement Magento SEO correctly, you will be one step closer to bringing in quality organic traffic and drive qualified leads to your Magento eCommerce store. And then leads will then convert to paying customers. So, here are a few Magento SEO tips to improve your search engine rankings: Upgrade to Magento 2: If you haven’t yet migrated to Magneto 2 and still running on Magento 1, it’s high time you shift. If you need help in Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration , we are here to help. Change Default settings: When you are setting up your Magento 2 store, the default Title and Meta Description need to be changed immediately! To do so, go to Content > Design > Configuration, click edit. Then scroll down to find the HTML Head section, where you ca

What to look for in a Magento SEO expert?

  As a Magento store owner or a marketer, your main focus is to increase sales and conversion. But how do you make sure that your eCommerce store is fully optimised to attract more organic traffic for better conversion? If you are thinking that just developing an eCommerce store will get you more customers, you need to rethink your entire strategy. It will help if you work on your website's SEO. If it is not optimised, there will be no improvement in traffic and conversion as well. To get new customers regularly and to set yourself up on an upward growth trend, it's essential to have a consistent search engine optimisation plan in place. If you do not have an in-house Magento SEO expert team, hire a team of consultants. Now, the question is, how to hire a Magento SEO expert?  Here are some tips to help you have enough knowledge to hire the best Magento SEO consultant in Melbournefor your Commerce store. Experience:  Hiring experienced SEO agency specialising in Magento


With the internet taking a toll on everything around you, it matters to be present and be found by your audience. Hence you and your business need to be where your audiences are. The precarious part is your audience is everywhere be it Instagram, Facebook, Snapchats, Whatsapp, Youtube, Netflix, Twitter or LinkedIn and so should you. Hence, Social Media Expertise is most rewarded for an eye-to-detail and serving exactly what was expected.                   Professional or personal, maintaining a social media presence on all platforms is essential keeping in mind the competency levels. Additionally, you need strong content that can captivate the beneficiary. But you can’t attempt to do the same thing on different platforms. Ever thought of any buzzword like ‘Big Data’, ‘Cutting Edge’, ‘Outside the box’ or any video that caught fire in the nick of time and wondered how was it possible? Remember, Garyvee for business and marketing tips and tricks, Jay Shetty for motivational

4 ways every small business can optimise their Magento store

  Getting a new website or refreshing the old one with new dynamic features and then presenting it to the customers is not simple to drive enough traffic in a go. And this is where you can utilise the technical potential of Magento. Magento web development has been the trend for long time now and is one of the fully-fledged platform to create an impressive eCommerce store. To optimise such sites and meet the growing business demands and sales, magento ecommerce development company notes down few basic tips- Put up the regular content When you are deleting the irrelevant material and content from your website and regularly adding interesting and meaningful piece of information, you can see how fast the search ranking increases leading a better ROI. Engage with right merchandising On Magento you have the opportunity to keep your best sellers and favourites at the top or your web pages and categorise the complete products into easily accessible sections.Al

How Blockchain will impact SEO?

Everyone wants to know about the emerging powerhouse-blockchain. How did it evolve? What possibilities does it bring to internet marketing? What are the major bitcoin protocols? And most of all what is a blockchain? We understand you need all questions answered- and that’s what we have done here. Considering the privacy and security of data broadcasting in SEO Melbourne , blockchain is an impressive technology. First of all- Blockchain is not bitcoin. But we do know why people might think it is. When the block chain technology or concept was first incepted back in 2009, it was because of bitcoin. Now the technology is used for a variety of things from finance, medicine, governmental data and records and so on. The appeal of blockchain technology as you will find out later is its incredible security capabilities. Essentially, it’s a validated and decentralised database which stores track of value exchange. For example, when person X needs an information or serv

SEO- The marketing method that you should start now!

Everyone wants their business to be on the first page of the search engine results, and if you dream big, one day you might rank first. But wait… What about the businesses that are already there? How did they do it and not you? As a digital marketing company providing SEO services in Melbourne , Webplanners has help many small to large businesses rise and end up in a high rank. Its not magic… it is called SEO which is what we consider to be the best and the most cost-effective medium to earn organic traffic and reputation at the same time. Are you looking to drive appreciable amount of traffic to your business? Or are you a blogger and have 0 views?  We understand that you are finding it hard to get to the top. We also know maybe you’ve heard of SEO but never really cared to do try because it seems technical and requires a lot of time. A mantra to keep in mind when working with SEO is it’s a slow burning method. Meaning, if you were to s