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Content Marketing Strategies That Will Definitely Work | Webplanners

When the world is turning online and every products and services have something to say, your business has to beef up the content game. Viewers, on the receiving end, come on a particular website only to read something unique and buy something they want. Are you planning for that powerful content marketing campaign which keeps your audience connected? As a versatile SEO company in Melbourne, we have seen the restlessness of different business owners to bring up their marketing level the fastest. Thus, here we have compiled the effective feeds for successful content marketing: - Start with a goal that your business is focusing on.You must be having questions what your audience wants, can they convert to paying customers or do they even know about you. This can help you set up fundamentals for writing content.Learn your strengths and work on it.Focus the content on your target group so that it reaches them and gives them a reason to come back to you.Make your content SEO proof. Let the con…

How blogging acts as catalyst of organic ranking?

As an SEO company in Melbourne, we are often asked if blogging is important to drag traffic on the website. Does my blog have to be hosted on my website? Does blogging improves SEO? Here we have mustered the resources to answer your doubts and clarify the status of blogging in organic ranking.
Blogging is a great platform to unlock your business’s true potential, share expert knowledge and enjoy organic search benefits.
For few, it’s the source of their millions of visitors while others still consider it as a myth.
Mostly, small and medium sized businesses often get late in this thought process of whether one should concentrate on blogging or pay attention to the working of website. The lack of resource and time keeps them away from creating a meaningful and high-quality content.
But, one must know that blogging needs attention because it’s way too important than you imagine.
How can we say that?
In short and snap, we can tell you that companies that uploads 16+ blogs in a month are en…