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How Blockchain will impact SEO?

Everyone wants to know about the emerging powerhouse-blockchain. How did it evolve? What possibilities does it bring to internet marketing? What are the major bitcoin protocols? And most of all what is a blockchain? We understand you need all questions answered- and that’s what we have done here.

Considering the privacy and security of data broadcasting in SEO Melbourne, blockchain is an impressive technology.
First of all- Blockchain is not bitcoin. But we do know why people might think it is. When the block chain technology or concept was first incepted back in 2009, it was because of bitcoin.
Now the technology is used for a variety of things from finance, medicine, governmental data and records and so on. The appeal of blockchain technology as you will find out later is its incredible security capabilities.
Essentially, it’s a validated and decentralised database which stores track of value exchange.
For example, when person X needs an information or service from person Y and then …