7 SEO Strategies to Rank Higher - Updated 2018

I know it’s a pain not to receive any visitors on your 300-500 words written blog. It can be because your blog content is a plain text with no customer’s engagement or the interlinking hurts your ranking. Understanding these is SEO.

You customer wants the answer in split seconds and Google looks after that.

They don’t have the whole day with your site to read and read and read! Instantly influence the visitors with reviews, clear their problems with 2-line comments and attract them with significant videos. These are just few pieces of SEO.

In this blog we will learn on the updated and complete SEO guideline to rule the market. 

Did you know Google considers over 200 factors to rank you? You would now be looking for all of them.

But the smart SEO company in Melbourne don’t do such lengthy process. They have simple and extensive strategies for these factors that help to grow and rank your business in 2018.

Here we list down the updated SEO checklist that can guide you through the entire process of SEO-ing:-
  • Have a credible writing that Google finds easier to crawl
For most SEO addicts, content is always blog. Stop if you think the same way as 2018 has opened the new medium of providing content and material to customers.

Content is more to just blogging; it is videos, image, DIYs, live chats and webinars

Expand your boundaries of communicating with people; use such great options and keep relevant sense and meaning to your every writing.

Understand what customers want to hear and turn the wheels of answers favourable for them.
  • Uncover the right keywords
You write content, upload videos and images but you aren’t found in the market. This is because you are not doing the keyword research the right way.

Keyword research is an essential and basic step to go promoting your business.

Make a trip on Google’s SERP, meaning perform a search query on Google and see what you receive. With this you can understand the type of content and intent Google needs for a particular search and to overcome the ranking.

Accordingly list down primary and secondary keywords for your business and target them at all possible places.
  • Create an SEO-friendly and short URL
The key to have a perfect URL is to keep it precise, relevant and still keyword rich. Use the keyword phrases organically based on the topic to disallow the unnecessary stiffness in reading.

This benefits both the SEO services (by adding value to effort) and customers (by understanding instantly with the meaning).
  • Craft a persuasive title and meta-description
Very important!

While at times URL is curtailed, the title is always given utmost attention along with the 160 characters-Meta description displayed below it.

This is what people read on the search result and then decide whether to click on your site or not.
  • Push the optimization tab for faster loading speed
Have a proper web check to serve the purpose and mission to the audience. When optimised to the core, the page’s loading speed increases; customers do not have to wait anymore and they love surfing you.

Optimising images, content and links allow better user experience with responsive designs, organisation and better readability.
  • Internal link to go deeper in your content
Isn’t this an opportunity to grab when you can buy more in lesser price? Do that for your customers.
Interlinking allows people to jump from one link to other relevant page and gain more information on the topic without stressing and looking anywhere on the search engine.

Take this to your advantage and create the vast exposure for your customers to come on your site and learn more.
  • Get listed on famous directories
Other idea for being popular and get ranked is to find your business a place in the famous directories as Yellow Page. This helps the customers know your business, reviews, address and contact details.

What are you waiting for?

Adopt these professional ideas by leading SEO Company to bring your business on the track of ranking among the top ones. Look forward to intelligent strategies and fill the gap between you and your customers the soonest.


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