How blogging acts as catalyst of organic ranking?

As an SEO company in Melbourne, we are often asked if blogging is important to drag traffic on the website. Does my blog have to be hosted on my website? Does blogging improves SEO? Here we have mustered the resources to answer your doubts and clarify the status of blogging in organic ranking.

Blogging is a great platform to unlock your business’s true potential, share expert knowledge and enjoy organic search benefits.

For few, it’s the source of their millions of visitors while others still consider it as a myth.

Mostly, small and medium sized businesses often get late in this thought process of whether one should concentrate on blogging or pay attention to the working of website. The lack of resource and time keeps them away from creating a meaningful and high-quality content.

But, one must know that blogging needs attention because it’s way too important than you imagine.

How can we say that?

In short and snap, we can tell you that companies that uploads 16+ blogs in a month are enjoying 3.5 more traffic and 4.5 time more leads than company that either don’t do it remain under 3-4 blogs.

Surprising, isn’t it?

Blogs have come out to be a great way to throw some fresh content and let people know that you know about things which you are selling.

Amongst all clusters of confusions and so much happening in the digital market, we are here to inform how blogging is essential for ranking. 

And before we begin, let us tell you don’t write just for the sake of writing; make your words so powerful and impressive that the audience are bound to your content.
Why you should go for blogging?

Blog is an idea to share your thoughts, opinions, tactics and tips to the consumers. Having a blog that is rich in keywords, meaning and relevancy dictates the fact that you want to serve the best knowledge of yours to the consumers.

If you are a firm that specialises in sports goods, then writing about fashion clothes would be bizarre. But when you serve them all about how having quality sports kit can improve your basketball game or why basketball is the most loved game, customers are going to appreciate your work and then run to your website.

Now with this notion in the mind consumers will remember your company and whenever they need a similar product they are going to reach out to you.

When writing a blog, focus on giving your audience the information that they do not know and is at the expert level, which can meet the Google’s quality guidelines. With writing something really out of the box and fluid, it can outdo the competitors and help you dominate the SERPs. Putting ads is a great earning too.

Although the blogs transform into huge traffic steadily, it would be a remedy for your strategy to begin with pre-planning your goals and index of the content. Have profound keyword mapping and pick the long tail keywords that are easy to compete with.

This gives you satisfactory results in faster duration.
What blogging does for your website?

While many businesses are leaning towards the paid advertising campaigns, blogging has come out to be simple yet efficient method of boosting your rankings.

Here is why-
  • It takes traffic to your website
Start blogging on your website with keeping social media as the base. Doing this will help in grand promotion of your site across Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more.
Add the links of your blog on the social media and give your followers a reason to come on your website.

You can always use some mind blowing marketing tactics like using inbound links and putting it in the blog to carry traffic on the relevant pages of the website. In a way you can see that you website is being found among the crowd of unknowns.         
  • It’s a boost to your SEO
When you are making a substantial keyword use in the blogs, you are working according to SEO services. This is helping you have potential traffic on the blog and now you can engage with them.
Any business is willing to wait for these opportunities where they can convince and influence the audience. Nothing is better than blog and its comments section.

No doubt, blogging regularly on your subjects, customer likes and dislikes, their interests and lifestyle can help you naturally increase your search keywords. 
  • It fosters meaningful customer relationship
When you are an expert in the field and you know you can do better than your competitors, it’s necessary that this message is delivered to the audience.

Blogs are your ‘pigeon’ (In the past days, pigeon were the source of letter transfer).

Statistics say, “The median average time spent reading a blog is 37 minutes, while writing would take around 3 or more hours.” Well, when customer is spending duly so many minutes of his routine on your blog, it becomes your responsibility to serve unique, engaging and attractive context.

The content written in the blog tells the readers that you are the connoisseur. They start building trust and belief in you.

Here you have found your new set of avid readers who are going to patch up and rally support when you have launched the new product/ service.

Isn’t it great to be backed up by your own large number of consumers? They are willing to promote and share your content.
  • It is a long-term investment
One major advantage that our SEO Company has owned from blogging is that it’s long survival feature in the market.

When you write on things like the attractive travel destinations, or the best cooking ideas, these blogs are not going to change in any season. So, you can always wait for the traffic through such blogs.

Viewers can come on this blog after a day, a week, month or even years. And it has everlasting results.
  • It helps to brand you as a leader
A really good blog is likely to attract viewers and make you the top business in the market.

When reader start relying on you they understand your potential. They can build the circle for you where you can easily target the audience and grab better results.

For example, if you are a retailer and work for B2C, then throw light on the topics which the consumer search in day to day like significance of quality home products, benefits of organic food and such ideas.

And for B2B, try to become the hub of knowledge. Provide essential information on the particular services you deal in and create strong relation with the readers.
Final Thought

When you don’t have a blog section, you miss out on an essential audience bonding. People can only find you through your own website which is a huge task and also this may or may not convey much to the viewers.

On the contrary, blogs have long time to speak to people whatever it wants.

We aren’t saying a website without blog can’t breathe in the market but its existence somehow remains absent in the public. Everyone is searching for your topics, products and services and you can unleash your best self through the blogs.

It is a convenient and faster method to attract traffic and get ranking. Be regular in updating blogs, linking with the websites and mentioning keywords to outwork the competition and be the best.


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